Exiap editorial team

Exiap brings together a team of finance and experts with years of experience publishing helpful content across multiple sectors.

Meet our writers

Andrea Côrtes

Andrea Côrtes is an experienced journalist and works as a content manager and writer for several national and international websites specialized in finance, investments and global economics. In 2022, she joined the Exiap team and is responsible for the content published in the Brazilian market.

Claire Millard

Claire Millard is a content and copywriter with a specialty in international finance. Her work has featured in The Times and The Telegraph, as well as industry magazines and leading personal finance blogs.

Elena Bobadilla

Elena has more than 6 years of experience writing SEO, link building campaigns and validating journalistic data. Thanks to her nomadic lifestyle, she knows the best tools to make payments abroad.

Ismael Halikou

With over 5 years of experience, Ismael is an SEO consultant and fintech copywriter. On Exiap France, Ismael has been demystifying the world of currencies, exchange rates and international money transfers for years.

Ivo Borges

With 10 years of experience, Ivo is a copywriter and marketing consultant specialized in finance and technology. He has lived in several countries and led a global marketing team before he started writing for Exiap Portugal.

Jennifer Cheong

Jennifer has more than 3 years of experience in writing financial content, and she is committed to comparing and finding the best financial service providers for Exiap Hong Kong readers.

Ramona Loznianu

Ramona Loznianu is specialised in content writing and digital marketing. She has worked as a journalist for almost 10 years, and currently she works as a freelance writer on Exiap Romania.

Max Müller

Max is a copywriter with several years of experience in the financial sector. He writes articles for FinTechs like Wise, Lendermarket and Inyova. His expertise is extensively researched articles where he presents detailed facts and figures, always presented in an easy-to-understand way.

Tarah Ren

Tarah is an experienced copywriter for international brands, specialising in digital marketing and eCommerce. She has worked with renowned agencies like Publicis Groupe, supporting global FMCG giants for well-known health, beauty, tech, home, and food brands. Tarah is passionate about languages and helps brands and individuals from her bases in the UK and Poland.

Meet our reviewers

Finn O’Hurley

As the director of Exiap, Finn brings to the table years of experience within the financial industry. Since 2014, Finn has worked in the banking and financial sector, starting at a tier 1 bank before transitioning to a financial technology company.

Ileana Ionescu

With a background in business journalism, Ileana is an experienced content manager, creating content for Exiap that helps its audience make informed decisions about their finances.

Adam Dankhazi

Adam, an experienced Editor-in-Chief for Exiap, specializes in creating and streamlining international businesses, with a unique perspective on foreign exchange and money movement. Fluent in English and Hungarian, his bilingual abilities enable him to connect with a broad audience and offer invaluable insights through his work.

Şeyma Mektepli

Şeyma is an experienced content writer and editor-in-chief at Exiap. She delivers engaging and informative articles on personal finance, international travel, and money transfers, providing readers with transparent insights.

Freddie Larkins

Freddie is a Content Manager at TheCurrencyShop and Exiap. He brings a wealth of editorial experience to the table, having worked in-house at major UK websites in the higher education, travel and real estate sectors.

Lucia D. Martin

As an editor-in-chief for Exiap, Lucia produces insightful content on business and finance, reflecting her unique perspective on international money transfers and foreign exchange through her experience living in multiple countries, which enables her to reach a global audience.