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Choosing the right place to buy your holiday cash can make a huge difference to the overall cost of your trip. We compare the best rates from high-street cash providers, prepaid travel cards and travel debit cards to show you the best deals.

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What is travel money?

Travel money is the foreign currency you take on holiday with you in order to purchase things abroad.

Traditionally, you would buy travel money at a bureau de change. They would quote an exchange rate for a given currency and that would determine the price in pounds.

These days, you can get travel money ordered directly to your house and you can buy travel debit cards.

Where is the best place to get travel money?

The best travel money rates are found online. You can shop around for the best deals on multiple websites, comparing exchange rates, delivery fees and promotional offers.

If you would rather buy your currency in person, high-street supermarkets such as Sainsbury's, ASDA and Tesco often have currency exchanges inside their stores. It's always worth visiting a few different stores to get a sense of who is offering the best rates.

Should I use cash or a travel card?
We always recommend taking a card with you on holiday rather than lots and lots of cash. More often than not, the best exchange rates are found on travel cards, making them the cheapest way to spend money abroad. For instance, with a Starling card you get the Mastercard exchange rate with zero fees, and with a Wise card you get the market exchange rate.

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Over 100,000 monthly users use Exiap, saving thousands by finding and comparing exchange rates and fees for their next holiday. All it takes is a few taps or clicks to compare and select the lowest fees and rates available.

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$57.5M saved & counting
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Make smarter decisions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best deal on my travel money?

We rank the best travel money providers for major currencies such as Euros and Lira based on their exchange rates and fees.

The provider that gets you the most foreign currency for your pound sterling comes top of our comparison table - period!

To get the best rates in physical currency exchanges, make sure you get quotes from a few different exchanges. Show the best quote to the exchange with the second-best quote and ask if they can beat it.

What can I do with leftover travel money?

You have a few options with leftover travel cash:
1) Store it away for a future holiday
2) Take it to an exchange to convert it back into GBP

If you choose the latter option, you may be hit by 'buy-back rates'. These are the rates offered by exchanges to take back unused Euros, Lira and other foreign currencies. Often then are much worse than what you originally bought the currency for.

That's why we always recommend using a travel card. You can convert back and forth between pounds and foreign currencies at the market exchange rate, meaning you don't get punished for not spending all your travel cash!