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Sending money with [provider-name]? Find out the rate [provider-name] uses to transfer money to France

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How does [provider-name] exchange rate compares against other providers?

ProviderTransfer timeTransfer feeExchange rateRecipient gets
Instant-2 Days9.31 GBP1.1702Mid-market rate 0%
2914.61 EUR
1-3 Days0.00 GBP1.15798
2894.95 EUR
0-4 Days50.00 GBP1.16988
2866.21 EUR

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[provider-name] currency exchange rate

The [provider-name] GBP to EUR exchange rate is [provider-rate].

Find the [provider-name] exchange rate conveniently by checking out the [provider-name] website or app. You can also use our comparison table to get an idea of the [provider-name] exchange rate you need to know. Don't forget that exchange rates change all the time, and can vary depending on how you arrange your transfer.

Let's take a look at the exchange rate for some major currencies offered by [provider-name] and how they compare to the mid-market rate.

 GBP[provider-name] exchange rateMid market rateMarkup %

Where to find the [provider-name] exchange rate

Normally the easiest way to find the [provider-name] exchange rate is on their website or app. You may find you need to create an account or model a money transfer online or in the [provider-name] app to understand the exchange rates and fees that may apply to your payment.

Does [provider-name] use the mid-market exchange rate?

The [provider-name] GBP to EUR rate today is [provider-rate].

This is [provider-markup]% than the mid market rate. This means that [provider-name] does not use the mid-market rate, but rather adds a mark-up (an extra fee) to the rate used for transferring money abroad.

This means that [provider-name] uses the mid-market rate and does not add a mark-up to the exchange rate used for transferring money abroad.

The mid-market exchange rate matters because it's the rate banks and money transfer services get when they buy currencies themselves. That makes it a good benchmark to compare when you're checking out the fees charged by different services offering currency conversion and international payments.

Why does the mid-market rate matter?

Why does the mid-market rate matter?

The mid-market exchange rate is the rate which is used when currencies are bought and sold on wholesale markets. That means it’s the rate your bank or international transfer provider gets when they buy and sell currencies themselves.

The mid-market exchange rate isn’t usually passed on to customers sending or converting smaller amounts of currency. Instead, banks and currency services add a markup or margin - an extra fee - to the mid-market rate to calculate the retail exchange rate they offer customers.

Adding a markup to the exchange rate used for international payments is very common. However, it makes it very hard to see exactly what you’re paying for your transfer, as this fee is bundled up into the rate applied rather than transparently displayed. Exchange rate markups vary widely depending on the currency, value of a payment, and the provider itself - around 3% is typical. That doesn’t sound like too much, but it mounts up quickly, and can often cost more than the transfer fee you’re charged. Learn more about mid-market rate here.

How much does [provider-name] charge for rate exchange?

The [provider-name] rate today is [provider-markup]% than the mid market rate. This difference represents the fee that [provider-name] charges for currency exchange.

Currency exchange services, banks and money transfer providers often use exchange rate markups. These fees cover the provider's costs, and allow them to make a profit, they're businesses after all. However, what's tricky is that some companies state that they offer fee free, or 0% commission transfers, when actually they just bundle their fees into their exchange rates. To understand the full costs of your international payment it's important to look at both any upfront transfer fee the provider charges and any extra charges tucked into the rates used.

Here are the fees and rates available for different sending amounts with [provider-name]:

SendingExchange rateFeeRecipient gets
2500 GBP-INR
105.445861.99 GBP527019.45 EUR
2500 GBP-HKD
9.762150 GBP48810.76 EUR
2500 GBP-JPY
192.783456.99 GBP962569.69 EUR

Compare [provider-name] rates and fees

When it comes to sending money overseas, exchange rates are important. But they're not the only factor to consider. The number of supported countries or currencies, the speed of your payment, the convenience of arranging a transfer, and the customer service on offer if you need help all matter too.

Here are a few [provider-name] alternatives, and why you might want to consider them:

  • Better exchange rate: Wise
  • Fee free: OFX
  • Faster transfer: Wise
  • Better rated: Wise

[provider-name] international transfer time

To make a Pound Sterling to Euro transfer with [provider-name], it will take [provider-duration]. Generally, the length of time it takes to transfer money from United Kingdom to France depends on a variety of factors including:

  • the provider you use
  • your chosen payment method
  • how you want your recipient to get the money
  • any public holidays
  • legally required verification steps here or in the destination country

From among our pick of the top providers, the fastest international money transfer provider from Pound Sterling to Euro is Wise, which can deliver Euro in Instant-2 Days.

[provider-name] transfer limit

There are limits to how much money you can send with [provider-name]. These sending limits vary from country to country, and may also depend on other factors like the verification steps you’ve taken to register your [provider-name] account and how much money you've sent with [provider-name] in the past.

Is [provider-name] safe?

It is safe to transfer money with [provider-name].

When you're looking for the safest ways to send money from Pound Sterling to Euro you'll usually want to look out for providers which are registered with and operate under the regulatory authority for the country you're transferring from. Read here about the safety of using [provider-name] for international money transfers.

[provider-name] exchange rate FAQ

How does [provider-name] rate compare with my bank?

Using a specialist money transfer service often means you'll get a better exchange rate compared to your bank - however, the exact details depend on your own bank and the payment you’re sending. Get your bank’s exchange rate online or by calling your local branch, and compare it to the [provider-name] rate to see which is best for you.

How much does [provider-name] charge for rate exchange?

The [provider-name] rate today is [provider-markup]% less than the mid market rate. This difference represents the fee that [provider-name] charges for currency exchange.

What is [provider-name] exchange rate today?

The [provider-name] GBP to EUR rate today is [provider-rate].

Which exchange rate does [provider-name] use for international transactions?

Find the [provider-name] exchange rate on their website or app, or using this handy guide. You may have to register an account in the [provider-name] app to understand the exchange rates and fees that may apply to your payment.

How long does it take to send money with [provider-name]?

To make a Pound Sterling to Euro transfer with [provider-name], it will take [provider-duration]. However, bear in mind that the exact delivery time for any international transfer can vary based on factors like verification steps required, public holidays, and the value of the payment.