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20 June 2023

Opening a euro (EUR) account can be really helpful if you need to receive, hold, and spend euros in person or online. You’ll often be able to cut the costs of transacting in euros, and can easily convert your EUR balance to other currencies.

However, opening a euro account in the UK with a traditional bank can be cumbersome, slow, and, most of all, expensive. Specialist providers like Wise and Revolut can be good alternatives.

In this article, we'll cover what you need to know about opening a euro account for yourself or your business, including the best euro account UK, the costs involved, and how to open one.

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Can a euro account be opened in the UK?

It’s possible to open a EUR account in the UK, with account options from highstreet banks, digital banks and specialist online providers. The account types - including features, fees and eligibility - vary widely, so you’ll need to do some research to find the right one for you.

Some euro accounts can only hold and transact in EUR, while multi-currency accounts often offer dozens of currency options as well as euros. That can save you time and money if you travel often or need to hold, send or spend in several currencies.

What are the advantages of a EUR account in the UK?

Getting a euro account in the UK can be useful for:

  • People who travel often and need to send or spend in EUR

  • People who shop with international ecommerce stores and pay in euros

  • Individuals with recurring EUR payments like a mortgage on a holiday home

  • Freelancers who get paid from clients overseas

  • Business owners with customers, contractors or suppliers in the euro area

    Holding a EUR balance can mean you’re more able to ride out fluctuations in currency exchange markets. Either get paid into your account in euros, or convert pounds to euros in your account when the rate is good. Then use this to spend and make euro transfers when you need to  - so there’s no need to worry about getting caught out by a bad exchange rate when you head off on holiday, or when a big EUR payment is due.

For freelancers and business owners, a euro account means you can get paid fee free like a local from all the countries in the euro area. You’ll also be able to collect payments from PSPs like Stripe and marketplaces like Amazon if you’re an online seller. Pay contractors or suppliers from your euro balance, withdraw to your local GBP account or convert it to the currency you need if you have a multi-currency account.

Best euro accounts

The best euro account for you will depend on your specific needs and the sort of transactions you’ll want to make. Let’s start with an overview of the availability, features and fees of some of the most popular euro accounts available in the UK.




Debit card

Other features


Personal and business customers

No opening or  monthly fees for personal account

One time 16 GBP payment for business account - no ongoing fees apply


Multi-currency account to manage 54 currencies

Local account details for 10 currencies

Send payments to 80+ currencies


Personal and business customers

Standard accounts are free for personal and business customers

Upgrade to a fee paid plan for up to 12.99 GBP/month for personal customers and 100 GBP/month for business clients


Accounts available in 30 fiat currencies

Starling Bank

Personal and business customers

No monthly fees for personal customers

2 GBP/month for businesses and sole traders


Use the same card for GBP and EUR payments

No overdraft facility available


Personal and business customers

No opening or ongoing fees for personal account

Business account fees may vary based on company turnover and account type


Personal accounts can hold EUR and 11 other currencies

Business accounts hold and exchange 20+ currencies


Personal and business customers

No opening or ongoing fees for personal account

Business account fees may vary based on company turnover and account type


Personal accounts can hold EUR and 13 other currencies

Business accounts for saving and everyday use, in any tradeable currency


Expats and high wealth individuals via private and offshore banking services

Minimum salary or saving levels apply, which can vary by account type


Accounts available in euros, euros and pounds


Personal customers

7.50 GBP/month


Accounts available in euros, euros and pounds


Accounts offered to personal customers in partnership with Lloyds

7.50 GBP/month


Accounts available in euros, euros and pounds


Personal and business customers

Up to 8 GBP/month


Accounts available in 25 major currencies 


Online sellers

No fee to open or operate account, but currency exchange rate markups will apply when converting currencies or sending international payments

Not available

Accounts available in 7 currencies

Currency risk management products also available


Wise multi-currency accounts can be used to hold, send and spend euros as well as 50 additional currencies. They’re available for personal and business use and come with bank account details for 10 different currencies including EUR, so you can receive payments fee free.

You can also get a linked physical or virtual debit card to spend and make ATM withdrawals at home and abroad. All currency conversion uses the mid-market exchange rate with low, transparent fees.

  • Fees: No fee to open a personal account, 16 GBP one-off fee to open a business account. No monthly fee or minimum balance for either personal or business euro accounts

  • Currency conversion: Hold and convert 54 currencies with the mid-market exchange rate

  • Other notable features: Receive payments from 30 countries, send to 80+ countries, spend with your card in 200+ countries, set up EUR and GBP direct debits for free. UK customers can also invest using Wise Assets

Read our Wise review or our Wise multi currency account review for more details.

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Financial super app Revolut has euro accounts for personal and business customers. Hold 30 different currencies, and exchange using the mid-market exchange rate up to the value allowed by your account tier. Out of hours and exotic currency fees may apply.

Revolut card

Choose a free standard plan which comes with limited free transactions, or pay a fee for more features and higher numbers of free transactions. Revolut also has a broad range of other options like linked kids accounts, and budgeting tools.

  • Fees: Standard accounts are free. Upgrade to a fee paid personal account for up to 12.99 GBP/month or a fee paid business account for up to 100 GBP/month

  • Currency conversion: 30 fiat currencies available

  • Other notable features: Choose from 4 different account tiers to unlock a broad range of account services including savings and investments, insurance and lounge access

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Read our full Revolut review.

Starling Bank

Starling Bank offers both personal and business customers the option to open a euro account. Personal accounts don’t come with any monthly fee, and business customers pay a low 2 GBP/month. Euro business accounts are available for both registered business owners and sole traders.

Prospective customers may like to know that Starling Bank has been voted Britain’s Best Bank 4 years running.

  • Fees: No fees for personal customers, business customers pay 2 GBP/month

  • Currency conversion: Provided by Currencycloud, uses the prevailing Currencycloud exchange rate

  • Other notable features: 24/7 currency conversion, FSCS insured for 85,000 GBP/depositor

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Barclays has euro accounts for both personal and business customers. As a large global bank, Barclays has a good online and mobile banking service but it’s also possible to pay in and withdraw cash at a local branch. Accounts can be opened in a range of currencies - however, you’ll need to open new accounts for each currency you want to receive and hold. There’s not a universal multi-currency option which lets you receive payments in any currency to the same account.

If you’re making a payment in euros it’s usually settled on the same day, making it a pretty fast way to cover your EUR bills.

  • Fees: No opening or monthly fees for personal accounts. Charges apply when sending and receiving international payments. Business account fees may vary based on company turnover and account type

  • Currency conversion: Personal accounts can hold EUR or 11 other currencies; business accounts offer 20+ currencies

  • Other notable features: You must first open a GBP account to get a Barclays currency account


HSBC offers euro accounts for both personal and business customers. There are no regular fees for personal account holders, and it’s free to send euros to any EUR account in the EEA. However, there are charges for some types of international payment and other transactions. For businesses there are a few different account types including everyday checking accounts, savings accounts, and foreign currency accounts opened directly with HSBC’s operation in the overseas market.

  • Fees: No opening or monthly fee for personal accounts, no fee for personal accounts sending EUR to an account in the EEA although there are charges for some transactions; business fees can vary based on account type

  • Currency conversion: Personal accounts can be opened in 14 currencies, business accounts can operate in any tradeable currency

  • Other notable features: 4 different types of foreign currency business account available


Santander UK’s euro account focuses on high wealth individuals who are eligible to use the Santander Private Banking service. There are also EUR accounts through Sanander’s international operation which is based offshore but provides services to UK residents and expats. Both these options require customers to have a fixed level of savings or a high annual income. If you’re eligible you can access accounts and linked debit cards for EUR and USD as well as the standard GBP account, all with the services of a personal banker.

  • Fees: Available to high wealth individuals through the private and offshore banking service

  • Currency conversion: USD, GBP and EUR available

  • Other notable features: Get debit cards for each of the 3 available currencies and services through a private banker

Lloyds and Halifax

Lloyds and Halifax are partner banks, and while Halifax does not trade internationally, Halifax customers can access the Lloyds euro account instead. Eligibility criteria apply - including a minimum annual salary or savings level.

The Lloyds euro account is available for personal customers, and comes with a monthly fee of 7.50 GBP or 8 EUR. If you use US dollars regularly you can also open a USD account and won’t need to pay an additional monthly fee for this. There’s no Lloyds fee when you want to make a transfer out of your euro account, but correspondent bank fees will apply - these can be up to 20 GBP and vary depending on the destination country.

  • Fees: 7.50 GBP/month

  • Currency conversion: EUR, GBP and USD available

  • Other notable features: Correspondent bank fees for international payments will apply and can be up to 20 GBP/transfer


Natwest personal and business customers can open accounts to handle both euros and a range of other major currencies. Depending on your eligibility you may be able to apply for an International Select Account, a Cash Management account, or a euro account from the Natwest Premier banking service.

Cash Management accounts pay interest on savings with both easy access saving options and fixed term deposits. Cash Management business accounts have eligibility requirements and may not be available to all customers. Personal customers need savings of 25,000 GBP or a salary of 40,000 GBP to get an account. To access Natwest’s premier banking service, customers must deposit 100,000 GBP or have a salary of 75,000 GBP.

  • Fees: 8 GBP/month for international select account, no fee for cash management account

  • Currency conversion: 25 major currencies covered

  • Other notable features: Cash management accounts offer interest and both easy access and fixed term deposit options


OFX euro accounts are designed for online sellers looking to get paid in a range of global currencies. Account holders can get paid in euros, send transfers and withdraw their money. However, OFX is perhaps better known for its currency risk management products which are also available to business customers. These include forward exchange contracts which can be used to lock in an exchange rate for a future payment, minimising the risk involved with fluctuations in the forex markets.

  • Fees: No fees to open or operate account

  • Currency conversion: 7 currencies offered

  • Other notable features: OFX transfers and currency conversion have no upfront fees but there will be a markup on the exchange rate used. Currency risk management products also available, with support of personal brokers

How to open a euro account in the UK

You can open a EUR account in the UK with a brick-and-mortar bank, or choose a digital solution. That means you could choose to head to a bank branch to get started, or you may be able to complete your entire application online or using a provider app without ever leaving home.

The steps you’ll usually need to take to open a euro account include:

  1. Choose the best provider for your needs

  2. Check you meet any eligibility criteria

  3. Register for your account online, through the provider app, or in a branch location

  4. Give your personal and contact information

  5. Complete the required verification steps

  6. Fund your account - and you’re ready to go

UK and international law requires banks and similar services to collect some information from people and businesses opening accounts. This helps keep customers safe by preventing fraudulent or criminal use of account services. The exact documents you need will vary depending on the provider and the account type, but can include:

  • Government issued photo ID to prove your identity

  • Proof of address - a utility bill or bank statement in your name for example

  • Business registration documents if you’re opening a business account


If you need to receive payments in euros, send international EUR transfers, or spend often overseas, a euro account can help you cut costs. EUR and multi-currency accounts are useful for individuals who love to travel or who live, study or work abroad, freelancers and contractors with international clients, and companies with a global footprint.

There are lots of different options for a EUR account - including accounts which only offer euros and others which allow you to hold and exchange 50 or more currencies. Finding the right one for you will simply be a question of your personal requirements and preferences. Use this guide to the best euro accounts in the UK to start your research and find the perfect match for your specific needs.

If you need euros for a one off trip to Europe, compare the best travel money providers.

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Can I open a euro account in the UK?

Get your euro account from a traditional highstreet bank, a digital bank or a specialist online service. Different providers offer accounts with different features and fees, and eligibility requirements may apply.

How much does it cost to open a EUR account?

There’s a broad range of costs involved with opening and operating a euro account. Some can be opened for free, with no monthly charges or minimum balance requirements. Others have monthly fees and strict eligibility requirements. Compare a few to find the right one for you.